Know that when you unsubscribe, you are really unsubscribed!

We believe that unsubscribing from emails is a right that must be respected and honored by companies. You can be assured that then when you see the total-unsubscribe™ logo, if you unsubscribe, you are totally unsubscribed.


We put the total in unsubscribe!

Which means you are totally unsubscribed when you click us.


Our Assurance!

When you choose to unsubscribe from email communications, it is for a reason. You should be assured that you are truly being unsubscribed. Well, that is what total-unsubscribe™ does.


What is total-unsubscribe™?

total-unsubscribe™ is a secure, master database of email addresses that have requested to be unsubscribed from emails that have the total-unsubscribe™ footer and logo.


Private and Personal!

We believe email addresses are personal and cannot be abused. Unlike many providers that promise to remove your address in “days”, we remove your name immediately.

How it Works: